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Icebreakers to kick-start creative thinking

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Olivia Hanifan2020-01-13
Getting your creative juices flowing can be particularly difficult. Nowadays, we have been trained to follow rules, protocols and strict boundaries that foster a more logical thinking approach. The best way to kick off a creative brainstorming session is to introduce some icebreakers to relax the group and encourage creative thinking.

The key to a good icebreaker is to define the essence of the task and decide what you want to achieve during that exercise. The icebreaker should then encourage or build upon that core focus. For example, if your main task is to stimulate creative thinking, your icebreakers should inspire that thinking.

The thought of an icebreaker often makes people nervous. It usually involves opening up about yourself or sharing a random bit of personal information. But, to get brainstorming and imaginative these icebreakers are great to warm-up the participants and stimulate a creative mindset.

1. Word association

Think of a particular topic and create a list of words related to it. Then, ask the audience what words come to mind when they think of this topic. A great tip is to use the Word Cloud feature on Mentimeter so that everyone can see people’s thoughts in real-time and on the big screen.

Word Association - Holiday

Word Association - Holiday

2. Round table story

Begin with a short story introduction. Then go round the group participants with each one adding a small sentence to the story. A fun and creative way to use your imagination and see where the story takes you.

3. The brick

Have the group think of as many different and unusual uses for a standard red brick. Once the most obvious ideas have gone it will be fun to see some of the unusual ideas that people can come up with. Get the participants to put their ideas in a Mentimeter open-ended slide so everyone can see other bizarre thoughts.

The Brick

The Brick

4. Hammer or nail

This is a fun-go around the room activity. Choose two random objects, for example, a tree or the wind and ask everyone to pick which one best describes them and why.

Hammer or Nail

Hammer or Nail

5. The Reverse Brainstorm

This icebreaker will help to stimulate new creative paths. Create a list of made-up brand names and get participants to think of as many products or businesses that the name could stand for. Try and encourage people to be as descriptive and expressive as possible.

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