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How to host a remote quiz

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Olivia Hanifan23 of March, 2020
As many of us are social distancing, we are Mentimeter are turning that around and doing distant socializing. Just because we are all working from home and are unable to meet each other, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop socializing. Luckily the internet provides us with a plethora of opportunities to keep our spirits high and have fun! It’s so important that whilst we are remote working or online learning that we maintain social interactions for our mental health.

Remote quizzes are a fun way to connect with friends and family wherever they are located. Mentimeter enables you to host a quiz right from your living room and reach as many people as you want for some lighthearted trivia.

How to use Mentimeter for a remote quiz?

  1. Create your Mentimeter quiz
  2. The host of the remote quiz should choose the video calling platform of their choice (e.g. Zoom, Skype). Open the chosen platform and share the screen with the audience
  3. Click ‘present’ on your Mentimeter presentation in the browser
  4. The participants should connect the video calling platform on one device and to the quiz on a second device
  5. To connect to the quiz, the participants should go to and enter the code at the top of the screen, or connect by sharing the QR code which participants scan on their smartphone, or follow the direct voting link for quick access

Mentimeter has many ready-to-use quiz templates to cover a whole range of situations. You can also create your own quiz competition in all versions of Mentimeter. Check out the quiz competition template page for some more inspiration.

Remote family quizzes

It doesn’t matter where you and your family are located, you can still socialize with them and have a family quiz night! 

Pub quiz

If you can’t go to the pub, bring the pub quiz to you! Ready-to-use template for the ultimate pub quiz. 

General Knowledge quiz

Find out who is the real trivia king or queen with this fun general knowledge quiz template.

Distance learning quizzes

Introduce a fun way to test knowledge, learn and reinforce your student’s understanding of different topics whilst distant learning. Create some interaction and increase engagement between classmates whilst learning from different locations.

Geography Quiz 

Economics Quiz 

Natural Science Quiz

Tips: Some of the ready-to-use quiz templates are unable to be edited if you only have the free version of Mentimeter, but you can still present with them straight away!

For more information on how to use Mentimeter for quizzes, read this help article.

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