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Four fantastic icebreakers for meetings

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Johanna Aronsson2017-02-28
Want to start your meeting or presentation by putting loads of energy in the room? Try using icebreakers to get your audience energized.

What did you imagine yourself doing for a living as a child?

In a smaller meeting ask the participants to provide some personal information such as ”what did you imagine yourself doing for a living as a child” anonymously. Show the contributions to all participants and follow up with matching the right statement with the right person. This 5-minute exercise will definitely put energy in the room and make your meeting more fun and engaging.

Inspiration of other information for meeting participants to provide:

  • What’s on your bucket list?
  • What would you like to be known for?
  • What would you never admit to your parents?

Who said this?

Having a weekly or monthly meeting with your colleagues? Collect some quotes of what has been said the last week/month. Present the quotes to the team and let them guess which team member that said it. A great way to create a comfortable and fun environment for your meetings. Not able to collect quotes? Just chose your favorite quotes from famous people!

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What’s your guilty pleasure TV-show?

If you want to create an intimate atmosphere with the audience instantly, why not have them anonymously provide you with their guilty pleasures? The most common answers are probably relatable by a large part of the audience making them feel connected to each other. You’re guaranteed to laugh when you see that you’re not the only one watching the Bachelor.

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Ask the audience to rate your beard

Standing in front of a slightly larger audience asking them to rate something is a great icebreaker. Why not to ask the audience to rate your and the organizer’s/your co-presenter’s beards in terms of style and thickness?

This works just as well with asking the audience to rate your hairstyle, shoes, accent or anything else you feel comfortable with. The competition aspect when rating two things against each other adds another dimension to the engagement level.

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