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May 06, 2019/7 mins min read
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You see forms all over the internet, whether you are filling in your shipping information for that new gadget you ordered or entering your details whilst signing up for a membership, you are probably filling in forms. Forms are incredibly simple, fast, and effective. They are amazingly versatile, and despite the simple nature of a Quick Form, remarkably powerful as a data collection tool.

At this point you might be thinking to yourself; “Why can’t I just add a form at the start of my presentation?”. The good news is you can! The Mentimeter Quick Form question-type allows you to collect information from your audience before, during, or after a presentation. The Mentimeter Quick Form is simple and easy to use, meaning you can quickly add forms (See what we did there ;D) to your presentation.

So whether you want to get the email addresses of your audience, names, dates, and anything else you can think of, look no further than the Mentimeter Quick Forms question-type

The Mentimeter Quick Form question-type has a number of different field types, below are some examples of how these could be used:

Email field: Collect the email addresses of your audience to send them more information after a presentation.

Email quick form phone

Text Field: Any type of written content can be input into the text field, this can be used to collect information about your audience at any point of the presentation, some examples are:

text quick form phone

Date Field: This field allows the input of dates only, this can be used for getting information about availability or about previous events, examples include:

date quick form phone

Dropdown Field: The dropdown field is perhaps the most versatile of all the different field types, this field type allows a participant to select out of the predefined options you have entered. Examples are:

dropdown quick form phone

Checkboxes Field: The checkbox field allows users to select which of the predefined options apply to them. Some examples:

Checkbox quick form phone

The Mentimeter Quick Form question-type can be used in a lot more ways than the examples given in this article, for help on creating your own Quick Form questions check out this guide and start creating your own.

Quick Forms are just one of the many question-types that Mentimeter has to offer, check out our help articles and blog posts for even more inspiration to make your presentations more interactive.

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