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5 ways to use Mentimeter 2 by 2 Matrix questions

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Sam Stewart-Keene09 of April, 2019
Some questions can’t be solved with a simple yes or no answer, sometimes even the most trivial questions need a more complex matrix in order to be answered. That’s why we developed the 2 by 2 Matrix question type - so that complex decisions can be made easily.

For example, let’s take a look at the “Gartner Magic Quadrant”. The “Gartner Magic Quadrant” is a summary of specific market research, which provides an overview of a company’s market competitors relative positions. By using the Mentimeter 2 by 2 Question Type Tool and a set of predefined criteria, you can classify competitors based on the axes: Completeness of vision and ability to execute.

By using the Mentimeter 2 by 2 Matrix Question Type Tool you are able to classify competitors into 4 different quadrants:

"Leaders": Typically large, established businesses. With high scores on both axes.

"Challengers": Generally settled, large businesses that don’t worry too much about future plans or market changes. Ability to execute axis is high, but completeness of vision axis is lower.

"Visionaries": Usually small companies or startups. With a low score on ability to execute, but high on completeness of vision.

"Niche players": Traditionally new players in the market. With low scores on both axes.

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2: Decide which projects to focus on for the next quarter:

A simple question that may have a lot of differing answers. By opposing impact and effort you can very easily determine which projects or actions would yield high results with the least impact, at the same time, you can see which projects will be time-consuming in the future, allowing you to plan and prioritize more successfully.

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4: Compare skill levels and their usefulness:

Do you know where your team is in regards to the skills they have and how useful their skills are to the overall future of your project or organization? Using “Skill Level” and juxtaposing it with “Usefulness” you can quickly identify weaknesses and overabundances of skills within a team, giving you the information needed to decide whether to move people around, hire new people, seek external help, or change the project scope.

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These are just a few examples to give you some inspiration when using 2 by 2 Matrix questions in Mentimeter. For help on creating your own 2 by 2 Matrix questions check out this guide and start creating your own.

2 by 2 Matrix questions are just one of the many questions types that Mentimeter has to offer. Check out our help articles and blog posts for even more inspiration to make your presentations more interactive.

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