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25 Fun Virtual Icebreakers for Remote and Hybrid Meetings

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Simon Deignan2021-07-12
Kick-starting a meeting is never easy but doing so in a fully or partially remote meeting can even trickier. Thankfully though, Mentimeter is here to bring an interactive element to traditional icebreakers. Look through the list and put any of our icebreaker templates to good use in your next meeting.

What is a Virtual Icebreaker?

So you may be wondering what exactly an icebreaker is. Simply put, it’s a way of getting people engaged right at the very start of the meeting. It can be a quick game, a question for the room or something out of left field. They are a great way to break down those awkward pre-meeting barriers and get people talking and interacting. 

Icebreakers can be particularly useful in the world of remote and hybrid work. When people join a meeting online they miss out on the chit chat that often takes place in or on the way to a meeting room as everyone gathers together. Virtual icebreakers do not need to be vastly different from those used in face-to-face meeting, just adapted to the situation.

A good icebreaker is a way to build a constructive atmosphere and ensure that, despite the physical distance between everyone, the meeting does not feel distant. So let’s see what different types of icebreakers we can use. 

  1. Word Cloud Icebreakers
  2. Ranking Icebreakers
  3. Scales Icebreakers
  4. Multiple Choice Icebreakers
  5. Pin on Image Icebreakers

Word Clouds

Word Clouds are a perfect way to get people thinking creatively to come up with precise and concise answers. A colourful and dynamic slide type, this is a great way to start a meeting where creative ideas and thoughts are needed. 

  • Where in the world do you most want to visit?
Where in the World Do You Most Want to Visit?

Where in the World Do You Most Want to Visit?

  • What country has the best cuisine?
  • What foreign language do you want to learn?
  • Who is the best band ever?
  • What’s your favourite app?
What Is Your Favorite App?

What Is Your Favorite App?


Rankings slides are an interesting way to get your attendees thinking, debating and discussing their interests and beliefs. This slide type is a light-hearted meeting kickstarter.

  • Which is the best movie series?
Which Are the Best Movies?

Which Are the Best Movies?

  • What’s the best season?
  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Winter
  • What’s your ideal type of holiday?
  1. Beach trip
  2. Skiing
  3. City getaway
  • What is the best type of pet?
  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Fish
  • What’s your favorite sporting event?
What's Your Favorite Sporting Event?

What's Your Favorite Sporting Event?


Scales icebreakers are dynamic and ever changing. Not only are they a great graphic but they provide a really interesting insight into what your audience thinks. 

  • Food scale
What Cuisine Do You Love?

What Cuisine Do You Love?

  • Days of the week scale - Hate them or Love them
  1. Saturday  
  2. Monday
  3. Friday
  • Hobbies scale - No time for it or Addicted
  1. Sports
  2. Movies 
  3. Reading
  • Music taste scale - Turn the volume down or Crank it up
  1. Rock n’ Roll
  2. Hip Hop
  3. Folk / Country
  • Apps you need scale
What Apps Do You Need?

What Apps Do You Need?

Multiple Choice

Whether it’s 3 options or 30, Multiple Choice slides gets people weighing up different options and considering what they prefer and prioritize. 

  • If you could time travel where would you go?
If You Could Time Travel

If You Could Time Travel

  • Which phone brand do you use?
  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Other
  • What’s your coffee order?
  1. Americano
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Latte 
  4. Espresso 
  • What was the hardest subject in school?
  1. Math
  2. Science
  3. Languages 
  4. History
  • Where do you prefer to work?
Where Do You Prefer to Work?

Where Do You Prefer to Work?

Pin on Image

A really fun and entertaining slide type, Pin on Image slides can produce a debate or some laughs. Think of it as a chameleon slide; it can fit any type of meeting. 

  • Map of the World - Where are you from?
Where Are You From?

Where Are You From?

  • Penalty Kick - Help him score
  • A Rainbow - What’s your favorite color?
  • Harry Potter or Game of Thrones Houses - Where do you belong?
  • Where’s Waldo
Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo?

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