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At 500 King Street West, in the vibrant Fashion District, lies the Mentimeter Toronto office. Since its opening in the fall of 2021, it has become home to around 50 of our colleagues. This modern and stylish space is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various needs, offering generous areas for workshops and brainstorming sessions, intimate nooks for focused work, and a lovely patio, bar, and dining areas that create a lively atmosphere.

Office space Toronto

We believe in the power of being together. Our office is not 'just an office' - we also have a fully equipped gym, pool table, and a karaoke setup for those in favor of some entertainment. In addition to snacks and drinks, we provide a daily lunch experience and monthly breakfasts.

Also, when we say include everyone, we mean it! So feel free to bring your dog to the office. They’ll probably have a fellow four-legged friend to play with.

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