Benefits at Mentimeter

So you’re thinking of joining us? Glad to hear it! We’re really proud of what we’ve built here at Mentimeter. We want to tell you about some of the things we love about working here, and why we think you’ll like it here too.


The Menti Story

In 2014, four friends felt frustrated. Everyday they wasted a considerable amount of their day participating in or leading meetings that were inefficient, un-inclusive and just plain boring. Why? Because in the meetings the leader was talking at rather than engaging with the audience. They knew there had to be a better way.


So Mentimeter was born with the idea to transform leadership, in business and education, from talking to listening. That’s how meetings become more inclusive, efficient and fun!

What started as a week-end hack has since grown organically into a truly diverse and inclusive company, with 200+ employees spanning a 54/46 female/male percentage split and over 40 different nationalities. Equal opportunity and consideration are afforded to all qualified applicants and employees. Below are just some reasons as to why you should consider joining us.

Benefits overview

Our benefits


30 days of paid vacation per year

Health insurance


Extensive insurance coverage, including private healthcare insurance

Pension bullet icon


Private Pension Insurance via Söderbergs & Partners



A computer, phone, phone contract + some cool merch!

Relocation package

State-of-the-art office

Work at our head office in central Stockholm

parents allowance

We top-up any parental leave to 90%

Lunch benefit

Office perks

Daily lunches and weekly breakfasts


Health allowance

5000SEK health benefit allowance


Company trip

Optional yearly relocation to a European city

moving package

Relocation package

Relocation package for those moving to Sweden


Our Office

Join us at our new, state-of-the-art home in the heart of Stockholm! We occupy a 3 floor office where we provide different environments for different work preferences: from a lively social space on the ground floor to a silent area on the third floor for when you need that extra focus, and everything in-between.


Our new head office houses a fully equipped gym with changing facilities, showers, and a relaxation room. As well as a kitchen and bar, fully stocked with snacks and drinks. Some for helping you stay comfortable at work, some to facilitate spontaneous after work drinks! We also have a gaming zone: including a pool table, table tennis, foosball, video games, board games, and more!

Also, when we say include everyone, we really mean it! So feel free to bring your dog to the office with you. They’ll probably have a fellow four-legged friend to play with.


Thinking of starting a family?

We believe in taking care of new parents, so we offer Parental Leave Top-Up. This entitles you to up to 90% of your annual salary, starting from 1+ year of employment. This benefit applies to both full-time and part-time parental leave.


Thinking about moving to Sweden?

We believe that diversity makes for a better, more dynamic organization. We also believe in the power of together, so we like to have our teams working together at our head office. Not a resident of Sweden yet? No problem! If you are joining us from abroad we are happy to help you out with the relocation. This can be negotiated on a personal basis.

Read about one of our colleagues’ move to Sweden.


Want to try living somewhere else? 

Here at Mentimeter we relocate our entire organization for one month out of every year. So if you find the idea of spending one month a year experiencing new and exciting surroundings, this might just be the place for you! So far, we’ve been to Lisbon, Barcelona, Palermo and Madrid.


Healthy body, healthy mind 

At Mentimeter we take our overall well being very seriously. In addition to doing our best to be a zero-stress workplace, we also provide an annual wellness grant (friskvård) of 5000 SEK (≈500 EUR) that you can spend outside of work. Not sure about how you can use this benefit? For the full list of activities included in the wellness grant, take a look at (in Swedish)

We don’t just exercise outside of work. You can also join our weekly Menti Muscle lunch workouts or take part in our Friday morning Yoga sessions.

Development & Education

We want to help our employees grow. So we offer 1-1 access to a Leadership Coach (for professional and personal development), which is open to all full-time Mentimeter employees, no matter what position you’re in. With an individual development budget of 20,000 SEK (≈2000 EUR) per year.


Lunch at the office

Never have to bring lunch to the office again, with a meal provided 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday). Plus complimentary breakfast every Friday! The perfect antidote to a hard yoga session.

Inclusivity & Mentimeter go hand in hand; therefore, our lunch meals always consist of organic plant-based foods, which we measure the impact of through Klimato. Our kitchen pays great respect to all food tolerances and we cater to all allergy requirements.

max team day

Work-Life Balance

One of our core values is balancing what we do, so everyone is encouraged to work no more than 40 hours per week - something our CEO, Johnny, himself follows! Need to pick up the kids? Go to the dentist? Take time out for a workout? No problem! We trust our people to manage their time, so go ahead and book that spinning class.


  • Private Pension Insurance via Söderbergs & Partners
  • Long-term Sickness Insurance on top of the state given insurance via Euro Accident
  • Health Care Insurance for faster access to primary & advanced health care via Skandia
  • Work Injury Insurance via Fora
  • Life Insurance via Fora
  • Travel Insurance via IF

power of together climate page

Climate Compensation

Here at Mentimeter we are conscious of our collective environmental impact. We work to tackle this by taking an active stand against CO2 emissions, lower ours each year by dragging CO2 from the air into the ground.

In 2020, we bought 72 tons (or $21 600) worth of CO2 reduction from Nordic Direct Air Capture to compensate for the pollution connected to our employees’ work and travel. If you work at Mentimeter, we calculate your yearly carbon footprint both in work and ensure that you have zero impact on the environment.

Learn More

working remote with headphones

Covid-19 Measures

We want everyone to stay healthy and safe, so we are happy to hold interviews virtually via Zoom or Google Meet during this period.

All of our employees are offered the opportunity to work on a 3/2 schedule - 3 days in our Stockholm office and 2 days working remotely.

Join us and be part of the change