The State of Meetings 2023

Are meetings broken? From Team Leads to CEOs, we asked what’s wrong with meetings and — crucially — how we can make it better.


Leaders’ relationship with meetings is… complicated

  • 4,000 business leaders in North America surveyed
  • 72% who say meetings aren’t dead, but…
  • One major problem is killing productivity

Report Engagement

Mind the engagement gap

Most business leaders agree that engagement is a key factor in whether a meeting will be productive or not.  Yet more than half of respondents also said that a lack of audience engagement is their biggest pain point when they present. It’s clear we’ve got an engagement crisis on our hands — but how do we fix it?


The secrets to increasing productivity

The data shows that a host of bad habits are killing meeting productivity. But the solutions may be staring us in the face. Find out which tools will be the most useful to close the engagement gap and make each meeting as productive as possible.

"Lack of engagement is killing productivity. Leaders need to embrace strategies for inclusive, collaborative decision-making"Tobias Porserud, General Manager of North America at Mentimeter

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